"Good, prompted servicing with reliability and high standards of care are the reasons why we have used Mantle's garage for our car servicing."

-- B & C Cooper

"Mantle's garage provides a prompt, efficient service for all the necessary routine work needed on our cars, but it is the response to the unexpected which is outstanding. I was once stranded with my car which had died due to being filled with diesel rather than petrol. The car was collected, I was given a car to continue my journey and our car was very quickly attended to. Small worries are given prompted attention and problems are explained in clear language. As a woman I have never felt patronised or been given baffling technical explanations. Details of work carried out are always clear and invoicing is fair. Records on our cars are kept rigorously and if we forget when serving or MOT testing is due, staff can always put us right! Mantle's is a great example of a quality, family-run business in our community, which gives a cheerful service and adds vitality to the village."

-- Mr & Mrs Penfold (Trefeglwys)